Bunyip Playground

Googong, NSW30th January 2024

Nestled on the scenic banks of the Googong Billabong, Kaebel Leisure's latest endeavour has brought a playful twist to the ACT's landscape. Collaborating with AECOM and Glascott Landscape & Civil, a Spaghetti Structure now stands as the playground's highlight, perfectly complementing the natural surroundings while offering a secure and imaginative space for children. This well-designed playground, enclosed and boasting convenient facilities, is poised to become a community favourite amid the Googong's serene backdrop.

Project Details

5 Glenrock Dr, Googong NSW 2620
Developers & Landscape Architects
$250,000 - $300,000*
Bunyip Playground
Playground Design
Kaebel Leisure

In the picturesque setting of Googong, ACT, where the serene waters of the Googong Billabong enhance the tranquil environment, a new playground installation has woven a thread of adventure into the fabric of the local community. The project, brought to life by Kaebel Leisure in partnership with the vision of AECOM & the flawless execution of Glascott Landscape & Civil, showcases a centrepiece that is as functional as it is artistic – a signature Spaghetti Structure, masterfully crafted to suit the dual demands of aesthetic elegance and interactive play.

This playground, a stone’s throw from the Googong Sales Centre, has been thoughtfully fenced to ensure safety, with public amenities within easy reach, enhancing the space’s accessibility. The Spaghetti Structure, synonymous with Kaebel Leisure’s commitment to quality and innovation, offers a multi-level play experience. Its intricate design invite children to climb, balance, and explore, fostering their development in a fun-filled setting.

Crafted from the finest materials to withstand the elements, the playground equipment ranges from the thrill of high-climbing nets to the joyous freedom of swings and the exploratory fun of balance trails. Every piece of equipment is a testament to Kaebel Leisure’s Australian-made promise, ensuring sustainability and local craftsmanship.

As Googong continues to flourish, with new shops, schools, and community facilities on the horizon, this playground stands as a beacon of the suburb’s growth and a nod to the community-centric vision of its planners. It’s not just a playground; it’s an investment in the fabric of the community, providing a space where families can gather, children can play, and memories can be made against the picturesque backdrop of the ACT’s natural beauty.

The Spaghetti Collection

Attracting children of all ages, the Spaghetti Structure collection from Kaebel Leisure combines architectural design with rope artistry to produce something new and original. Children are attracted to organic shapes, vivid colours and challenging opportunities.

Made from heavy-grade stainless steel and powder coated to a colour of the client’s choosing, this range features purpose-designed hardware and subtle detail that demonstrates Kaebel’s commitment to quality and ingenuity. Designed with architectural appeal in mind, as well as functionality, Spaghetti Structures are engineered in fun and organic shapes from which play equipment can be suspended. Easily transported, these frames are engineered for quick and simple assembly on site.

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*Price guide correct as at January 2024 for supply of equipment only. Your project location will effect delivery and install costs.