From the intricate and expansive Bramble to the petite and budget friendly Shoot, Kaebel Leisure’s Climbing Forests create a world of adventure. Designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of equipment, Climbing Forests let you build custom trails that spark active play, imaginative exploration, and agility for all ages.

Nature inspired

The Climbing Forests range takes inspiration from the wonders of nature, leafy jungles and lush bamboo forests. Emulating the natural environment, these structures encourage necessary imaginative play and physical activity. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing playground equipment, Climbing Forests allows you to create custom pathways and adventure trails. This versatility, combined with its appeal for children of all ages, transforms any play space into an immersive outdoor environment to spark a love for nature and movement.


Crafted for Endurance

Crafted with premium materials, these structures can handle the harsh Australian climate, ensuring years of worry-free play. More than just sturdy structures, Climbing Forests are a testament to Kaebel Leisure’s commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of conventional play equipment and creating truly unique climbing experiences.

Play Value

Climbing forests are a unique blend of architectural appeal and unmatched play value, catering to everyone and serving a purpose for all age groups. Curious toddlers can explore the nooks and use their imaginations to create stories, while older adventurers can test their limits and curate their own challenging pathways. Climbing Forests add a unique touch to a play area and reflect Kaebel Leisure’s commitment to innovation and practical design, providing a space for communities to explore, discover, and create lasting playground memories for people of all ages.

Australian Designed & Manufactured

Kaebel Leisure’s dedication to Australian design and manufacturing goes beyond local pride; it upholds global standards of excellence. The Climbing Forests collection, born out of the innovative spirit of Australian design, enriches play experiences on a global scale. The quality and creativity embedded in every Climbing Forest structure stand as a testament to the capabilities of Australian manufacturing.

Elevate your community’s playground experience with the Climbing Forests collection. Unleash the potential of play with structures boasting exceptional design, play value, and the pride of being Australian-made. Each Climbing Forest structure tells a unique story, inviting communities to explore, discover, and create memorable playground experiences as they echo the innovation that redefines play spaces.