Pinnacle Park

Melbourne, VIC1st December 2022

Pinnacle Park is a one-of-a-kind playspace in northern Melbourne. With the help of Kaebel Leisure, it has been transformed into an all-round thrilling adventure for children to enjoy and a place for families to make cherished memories together.

Project Details

Pinnacle Park, North Melbourne
Landscape Architects
Custom Rope Structures

Looking for a big playtime adventure? Look no further than Pinnacle Park in Mickleham.

This multifaceted and multilevelled play structure is designed to let children’s imaginations run wild as they climb up rock climbing walls, crawl through tunnels and make music at the pipe station. The large play space includes an array of play elements such as slides, a double flying fox, monkey bars, and a rock-climbing wall.
The lower section of the playground, designed for younger children, includes a four-person see-saw, swings, a small climbing frame with a slide, a musical pipe station, and a green area with additional shaded space and accompanying picnic tables.
The main attraction of the playspace is the suspended open-air climbing net structure. From the innovative suppliers and designers of play equipment at Kaebel Leisure, the suspended bridge is a walkway to connect all the play equipment together that only the fearless are brave enough to cross.
From netted tunnels to web-like climbing structures, Kaebel Leisure designed and supplied all rope play and structures to this unique playspace. The possibilities for fun are endless with the variety of play elements that enhance cognitive and physical activity in children.

Project Location

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