Classic Play

Over the years we have evolved our skills and knowledge looking for solutions to make our products unique. These skills are now being used to create new products with a broad generic appeal. Talk Tubes, Slides, and Swings. Classic Play also encompasses products for rocking, interpretation, social play, and lots more.

Did you know that you can change the colours of our Classic range to suit your project? Check our materials and colours HERE or speak to one of our friendly team members. 

CP-6001 1.2m Hybrid Slide
CP-6023 1.5m Hybrid Slide
CP-6024 Kaebelway Trolley
CP-6025 HDPE Pommels
CP-6005 Cellula Natural Cradle Swing
CP-6006 Cellula Post Cradle Swing
CP-6012 Freestanding Talk Tubes
CP-6017 Post Mounted Talk Tubes
CP-6021 Cellula Post Hammock
CP-6022 Cellula Natural Hammock
CP-6003 Balloon Springer
CP-6004 Bunny Springer
CP-6008 Crab Springer
CP-6009 Dino Springer
CP-6010 Dozer Springer
CP-6011 Elephant Springer
CP-6013 Hammer Springer
CP-6014 Hedgehog Springer
CP-6015 Monkey Springer
CP-6016 Mountain Springer
CP-6018 Shark Springer
CP-6019 Toucan Springer
CP-6020 Whale Springer