Spaghetti Structures

Combining architectural design with our rope artistry, we are creating a range of structures that offer something different to the ‘run of the mill’ playground. Children of all ages are attracted to organic shapes, vivid colours, and challenging opportunities. Our designs are ingeniously delivered with subtle details that shout quality and innovation everywhere you look. Rope connections, ground anchors through the rubber, and even the spigot connections are finished with purpose-designed hardware showing the level of thought that we put into each and every structure. Click on the 'recipe' button below to view our fun way of describing these new, super cool products.

Did you know that you can change the colours of this equipment for your next project? Speak to one of our team members or check our materials and colours HERE

SS-8000 Swerve
SS-8001 Circuit
SS-8002 Weave
SS-8003 Crinkle
SS-8004 Swish
SS-8005 Tangle
SS-8015 Sunken Trawl Net
SS-8016 Raviolo

Spaghetti Swings

Everyone loves swings, except for maybe those who value aesthetics. That’s where Spaghetti Swings come in, they’re designed to have architectural appeal as well as functionality using fun curvy and organic shapes. Made from heavy grade stainless steel and powder coated to a colour of your choice, these swings are both innovative and of the highest quality so they can flourish in any location. Just like our Spaghetti Structures, these swings have had great thought and effort put into every detail to ensure that no matter where you look you will find nothing but beauty and quality. Additionally, they are designed with hidden internal joiners so that they can be transported easily but still feature super quick and simple assembly on site. 

Did you know that you can change the colours of this equipment to suit your project? Check our materials and colours HERE

SS-8007 Corto
SS-8008 Grande
SS-8009 Orzo
SS-8010 Piccolo
SS-8011 Pici
SS-8012 Poco
SS-8013 Torti
SS-8014 Ziti