Standing Stones

Monolith, obelisk, pillars; the dictionary definition would say something like a large single upright block of stone’, we cannot make such a thing but what is possible, is to create something new, exciting, innovative and challenging, something that is totally different, feels unique and is really cool to look at (especially when it’s in our stunning ‘Ice’ colours) The Kaebel Leisure Standing Stones bring a totally new look and feel to bouldering. The voids are complicated sub-assemblies tied into a structural steel core. We use recycled HDPE for the panels which are resistant to weathering, moisture, chemicals, and mould. When the time comes to replace the structures, this material can be returned to us and fully recycled.

Did you know that you can change the colours of this equipment for your project? Check our materials and colours HERE

ST-S002 Rauk
ST-S001 Mesa
ST-S003 Tor
ST-S004 Triple Towers