Cellula Natural Components

Introducing Cellula Natural- a range for playgrounds that are more in touch with our environment. Designed to use Kaebel Leisure’s Arbor Ankor, an innovative way of connecting rope to natural timber, which is both ultra-durable and aesthetically pleasing, Cellula Natural is a bit like the original Cellula range with the ability to link up elements but breaks free of the mould with more variety and new elements which are only part of the Cellula Natural range. Cellula Natural can be ordered with poles supplied or you can supply your own, when supplied by Kaebel Leisure we use sustainably source Australian Eucalypt timber which integrates with the Australian landscape and can cope with our local conditions, pests, and all. Our Natural timber posts are highly durable; however, they are not a set-and-forget option. Natural timber does require maintenance and cracks will form as part of the natural lifecycle.

Did you know that you can change the colours of this equipment for your project? Speak to one of our team members today or check our materials and colours HERE

CN-1000 Coconut Traverse
CN-1001 Coconut Wiggle
CN-1002 Logrunner
CN-1003 Overhead Loop Climber 3m
CN-1004 Rope Traverse
CN-1005 Spider Web
CN-1006 Spidergon
CN-1007 Square Net
CN-1008 Isosceles Tri Net
CN-1009 Horizontal Tri Net
CN-1010 Wiggle Walk
CN-1011 Vertical Scramble
CN-1013 2xPost Floating Log
CN-1014 Tri Tramp
CN-1015 Stepper Walk 3m
CN-1016 Tricell
CN-1017 Vortex 3m
CN-1018 Vortex 4.2m
CN-1019 Quadcell
CN-1020 Honeycomb Scramble
CN-1022 Burmese Balance
CN-1023 3D Cube
CN-1024 Twisted Tri Net
CN-1025 Spidergon with Membrane
CN-1026 Inclined Square Net
CN-1027 Funnel Net
CN-1028 Saddle Net
CN-1029 Quadtramp
CN-1031 Pommel Crossing Rubber
CN-1032 Spreader Crossover
CN-1033 Pull Up Bar
CN-1034 Stepper Walk 4.2m
CN-1035 Quadtramp 2x Small Membrane
CN-1036 Tumble Turn
CN-1037 Post Access Ladder
CN-1038 Square Tunnel
CN-1039 Inclined Trapezoid 2
CN-1040 Spreader Belt Walk
CN-1041 Bead Crossing
CN-1043 Burmese Balance with Timber Steps
CN-1044 Inclined Trapezoid 1
CN-1045 Shinny Ridge
CN-1046 Spreader Wiggle Walk
CN-1047 X Challenge
CN-1048 Ridge Climb
CN-1050 Vertical Leaf Climber
CN-1051 Inclined Tri Net
CN-1052 Post Climber 2500
CN-1054 HDPE Monkey Bar
CN-1055 Membrane Mountain
CN-1056 Chimes
CN-1057 Slide with Ladder
CN-1058 Slide with Twisted Tri
CN-1059 Slide with Inclined Trapezoid
CN-1060 Straight Banister Slide
CN-1061 X Challenge 4.2m
CN-1062 Ninja Warrior Climber
CN-1064 Inclined Tri Tramp
CN-1065 4 Post Monkey Bar
CN-1066 Double Wave Banister Slide
CN-1067-Wobbly Log

Cellula Natural Designs

Did you know that you can change the colours of this equipment for your next project? Check our materials and colours HERE

CN-001 Natural Triple Loop
CN-002 Natural Jungle
CN-003 Jungle Escape
CN-004 Tri Tramps
CN-005 Natural Ship
CN-006 Climb and Slide
CN-007 Natural Scramble
CN-008 Natural Multi Challenge

Cellula Natural Components Mini

Did you know that you can change the colours of this equipment for your project? Check our materials and colours HERE

CNS-2000 Rope Traverse
CNS-2001 Cross Net
CNS-2002 Coconut Traverse
CNS-2003 Horizontal Square Net
CNS-2004 Horizontal Tri
CNS-2005 Inclined Trapezoid
CNS-2007 Overhead Loop Climber 2m
CNS-2008 Pull Up Bar
CNS-2009 Quadtramp
CNS-2012 Tri Tramp
CNS-2013 Tumble Turn
CNS-2015 Vertical Scramble
CNS-2016 Wiggle Walk
CNS-2017 Saddle Net
CNS-2018 Pommel Crossing 2m
CNS-2019 Pommel Crossing 2.8m
CNS-2020 Inclined Cross Net
CNS-2021 Tricell
CNS-2022 Quadcell
CNS-2024 Inclined Squared Net
CNS-2025 Spider Web
CNS-2026 Honeycomb Scramble
CNS-2027 Overhead Loop Climber 2.8m