Pinnacle Park, North Melbourne

Date: 04/04/2022

Looking for a big playtime adventure? Look no further than Pinnacle Park in Mickleham.

This multifaceted and multilevelled play structure is designed to let children’s imaginations run wild as they climb up rock climbing walls, crawl through tunnels and make music at the pipe station. The large play space includes an array of play elements such as slides, a double flying fox, monkey bars, and a rock-climbing wall.

The lower section of the playground, designed for younger children, includes a four-person see-saw, swings, a small climbing frame with a slide, a musical pipe station, and a green area with additional shaded space and accompanying picnic tables.

The main attraction of the playspace is the suspended open-air climbing net structure. From the innovative suppliers and designers of play equipment at Kaebel Leisure, the suspended bridge is a walkway to connect all the play equipment together that only the fearless are brave enough to cross.

From netted tunnels to web-like climbing structures, Kaebel Leisure designed and supplied all rope play and structures to this unique playspace. The possibilities for fun are endless with the variety of play elements that enhance cognitive and physical activity in children.

Pinnacle Park is a one-of-a-kind playspace in northern Melbourne. With the help of Kaebel Leisure, it has been transformed into an all-round thrilling adventure for children to enjoy and a place for families to make cherished memories together.

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Jurassic-themed design at Donnybrook

Date: 09/02/2022

Located in the burgeoning residential development of Donnybrae in Donnybrook, Victoria, a newly completed playground has been given a Jurassic-themed design to give local kids the ultimate play adventure. Billed as a close-knit community, Donnybrae is an exclusive residential development located within the City of Whittlesea. Conveniently located near public transportation, the developing estate will boast future schools, shopping outlets, restaurants, sports facilities, and commercial hubs. But the latest build causing a stir in the public greenspace with colourful playground. The playspace features a series of equipment from conventional and nest swings to springers and inground trampolines, all scattered across a vibrantly coloured softfall surface. At its centre stands a giant elongated climbing centre with the head of a dinosaur! Designed and manufactured by Kaebel Leisure, this striking structure is a custom-designed a riff on their innovative and versatile Spaghetti Structure range.


Commissioned by landscape architect firm Tract, Kaebel worked to complete a concept and design to fit the architect’s brief for a dinosaur-themed playspace. A great deal of research went into refining the material palette to ensure the completed design would have the desired aesthetic, while being able to withstand the external environment and provide appropriate play challenges.


The dinosaur’s head is a masterpiece. The sculptural form was crafted using a heavy steel subframe clad in a variety of perforated metal panels. The perforations form a decorative pattern that give the unit its character, while climbing pegs secured to the panel allow little adventurers to climb Dino’s face up to a netted tunnel.


The body of the dinosaur is shaped like an unearthed skeleton, formed by the solid structure of the Spaghetti frame. Flowing curves create a rib-cage- ike serpentine tunnel from which various play units are connected to or suspended from.


A climbing net stretches across the ribs directly behind the head, allowing the fearless to climb right over the top of the dinosaur, while heavy ropes anchored to the next frame provide agility obstacles. The final section of the structure features a pair of nest swings and a climbing tunnel that gives users the opportunity to climb up and out onto the beast’s tail.


For those who dare, behind the head of the dinosaur sits an elevated tower with an enclosed slide that twists down to the ground — making it look like children are popping out of Dino’s mouth! Large palm trees stand tall over the playspace, adding to its prehistoric feel, while naturally landscaped edges form an organic perimeter that makes it look like users are playing in the jungle. A nearby sheltered picnic area adds amenity to the space and a connected greenspace offers more room to run around. With its plethora of play elements and a dinosaur skeleton to boot, what more could any kid ask for?



Attracting children of all ages, the Spaghetti Structure collection from Kaebel Leisure combines architectural design with rope artistry to produce something new and original. Children are attracted to organic shapes, vivid colours and challenging opportunities.


Made from heavy-grade stainless steel and powder coated to a colour of the client’s choosing, this range features purpose-designed hardware and subtle detail that demonstrates Kaebel’s commitment to quality and ingenuity. Designed with architectural appeal in mind, as well as functionality, Spaghetti Structures are engineered in fun and organic shapes from which play equipment can be suspended. Easily transported, these frames are engineered for quick and simple assembly on site.

Check our project here

Spaghetti Justa like a mamma used to make it…

Date: 17/01/2022

Well not exactly in authentic Italian style but we wanted to show you how we created our amazing Spaghetti structure, the ingredients used and the method we use to create the perfect playground pasta.

The first part of the recipe requires a great design and specification.

Since a large proportion of the Australian population live within 100km of the coast we decided one of the key ingredients to a successful outcome was to use stainless steel as the base of the dish. We went to our engineers to calculate the required pipe size and refined the design until a flowing mix of curves and straights could be achieved. Ultimately, we settled on a thick-walled pipe 168mm diameter.

Next was to work out how to join the pipe so that a super creamy transition could be achieved ensuring a blemish free appearance. We designed some custom connections, all in stainless steel and machined them so that the installation would be accurate and simple. It is very important not to overheat the mix when it comes time to install.

The external structure is the basis for the dish, but pasta needs a great sauce, and we have some fantastic ingredients in our store that really bring things alive. Vegetables, herbs, and spices .... think rope, rubber, and pommels. All connected using our tried and tested stainless connections topped off with the small details that only time, and experience can deliver.  

As we had a stainless-steel base to work from, the connections for the rope were our ever reliable and super popular ‘chain boss’. These little babies are the spice in the mix; small and unassuming they just make the pasta sing. TIG welded in house by our skilled chef, they provide a durable, reliable and strong connection which, when painted are pure perfection.

There you have the ingredients, all ready to combine into a tasty and mouth-watering meal.

The only difference between this and a normal pasta dish is the cooking time. To get best results you need about five weeks :) It’s best not to rush these things.

Once you have combined the ingredients, it’s into the oven for half a day or so and voila’......... The Perfect Spaghetti .... justa like a mamma used to make ....

For more photos of the Spaghetti structure, head to our Facebook page 

Gosford Leagues Club

Date: 18/11/2021

Gosford Leagues Club

 Gosford Leagues club is a $10 million project which was funded by the NSW government and situated in a prime location sandwiched between Central Coast Stadium, Gosford Leagues Club & Brisbane Water. Imagined by Turf Design, Kaebel Leisure was first contacted in early 2019 to work on the project.

 Kaebel Leisure had just finished working on Hercules Park (Brisbane) with Turf Design, and we knew they would want to push our limits to create something special. The major elements created by Kaebel Leisure were a giant 10m long by 3m high fish trap inspired by local indigenous communities from the area.

The major visual impact was to design an internal fit out for three large tower structures in which we had a blank slate to create a complex geometry of rope elements and a couple of suitably large bridges between the towers.

Inside the three towers, we created rope play which had three entirely different styles and difficulty in three different colours. To reach the highest point and thereby access to the giant slide, there are several options. The quickest method was right up the middle of the tallest tower, but it was also the most difficult. The easiest route is from the smallest tower to the middle tower and then onto to the large tower. Easiest…..but also expect it to take the longest. It’s a ‘choose your own adventure’ scenario.

 Kaebel Leisure has become somewhat of a specialist in these large custom projects, in which a customer can come to us with an idea and Kaebel Leisure can develop their thoughts and help coordinate the interactions between our elements and those produced by others.

There are many challenges that come with this kind of work, lots of communication is a required and a strong knowledge of the relevant standards is a must. On top of this, creativity, a large arsenal of rope fittings and a deep knowledge of how the products and fittings work is essential. Over the past 10 years, Kaebel Leisure has been evolving its capability in all these areas and continues to invest in resources to ensure we can create bigger, better, and even more challenging rope-based play equipment. Durability is something which is not always easily achieved with rope-based products, and this is also a driving factor in our push to continuously improve, so that no matter how crazy the idea is, we can find an amazing solution.

Check our project here

$17.5 million playground in WA!

Date: 20/03/2021

This is a real highlight park and we are thrilled to have made a significant contribution with the design and manufacture of the rope-related parts.

The $17.5 million dollar playground features everything!!! Nature play, parkour activities, in-ground trampolines, flying foxes, water play, BIG slides, swings, basketball courts, and more!

Check out some more photo HERE

I’ve got my eye on you!!!

Date: 08/02/2021

A new batch of springers assembled and ready for packing. Blake had a great afternoon building these new items.
Check out more designs on our ‘classic play’ page HERE

NEW Spaghetti Swish

Date: 22/04/2020

Here’s a sneaky snap inside the paint oven looking at some fiery orange poles heading down to Adelaide very soon.

Part of our new Spaghetti ‘Swish’, we can’t wait to see this installed. Our Spaghetti range of products are all fully stainless steel and capable of being located in the most severe environments. Designed and crafted right here in our NSW factory, you can be assured that manufacturing is still alive and well. For more information, visit our website right here.

and Hercules Park is now open!

Date: 20/01/2020

Newly opened in Brisbane is Hercules Street Park. Designed in collaboration with Turf Design and in conjunction with Jmac Constructions, this park will complement the development along the North Shore.’s very yellow.....👌Click HERE for more photos

Stainless Climbing Structure - Ariella Private Estate WA

Date: 10/01/2020

2020 is here and we are set and ready to continue where we left off last year. Hoping everyone had a terrific Christmas and New Year. We have made some changes buying a second building to act as our inventory warehouse. The additional space created in our main factory will help us improve efficiencies and give much more space for more cool work.

So, here we go but before we get too far into the new decade, here are some photos from a couple of jobs over in WA. The first is a custom stainless steel rope climbing structure at Ariella Estates. Designed for EPCAD, this uses many of our custom designed components and blends seamlessly into the landscape.

The second shows how we work at a distance to provide highly accurate elements. Broome, and specifically, Broome Town Beach is about as far away from Maitland as we can get. This cool playground was designed by Josh Byrne and Associates and includes a variety of nets that fit out the ‘Jetty’. A cool under deck jungle swing, stainless steel talk tubes. A vibrant Rotanet resplendent in Dulux Intensity Summer powder coat and some of our standard and custom Cellula Natural products fitted to local hardwood timber using our ingenious ‘Arbor Ankor’ retaining system.

Many more projects underway from all corners of the country. Keep watching throughout the year for news, developments and inspiration.

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Big changes for 2020

Date: 18/12/2019

As 2019 draws to a close we are looking forward to some big changes for the new year. First up we have a new warehouse for offsite inventory storage (currently getting a new epoxy floor) followed later in the year by a brand new site, factory, and office complex.
Tomorrow is a quick cleanup, a game of Frolf (Frisbee Golf), lunch in Newy, and then some well earned R&R
Signing off for a couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone that makes the wheels turn, customers suppliers, and friends. Happy Christmas one and all.
See you with a clear vision in 20-20

New Spaghetti Structure at Speers Point!

Date: 18/12/2019

Our new ‘Spaghetti’ structure is almost complete and ready for a final inspection. Very proud of our team for creating such an inspiring area. Top marks to Mat Brown Building for taking on the installation and of course Lake Macquarie Council for having the foresight to specify another Kaebel Leisure masterpiece.

New Park at Queens Domain in Hobart

Date: 11/07/2019

We have some exciting news to share about this fabulous new park at Queens Domain in Hobart. The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects TAS have just awarded this park, Best Playground 2019.....whoo hoo. Congratulations to Playce Landscape Architects and Hobart City Council for their vision and commitment. Click HERE to check out more

Pasterfield sports complex

Date: 18/10/2018

Part of a $15M new development funded primarily from developer contributions, Pasterfield Sports Complex is within the Lake Macquarie Council area and has been designed to provide a recreational facility for the growing Cameron Park area of the city.

Kaebel Leisure was invited to create a flagship centre piece play structure based upon some provisional concepts. The process began in mid-2017 with a final commission being awarded in March 2018. To date this is the biggest single structure we have manufactured bringing together many years of experience and creativity.

Countless hours of time were involved developing the design. The large diameter tubing brings a strong aesthetic to the structure whilst at the same time providing fluidity to the form. The vision from council was to have a structure with multiple challenges for older children and a high central climbing piece. We incorporated as many individual elements as possible using our entire available materials palette.

All the smaller steelwork components are fabricated using stainless steel. We have jungle ropes galore, rubber stepping pods, ninja handles, pommels, and vast areas of nets.

The complex was opened in late August 2018 with thumbs up from the client and community. Hopefully, this will be a drawcard for the area for many years to come.

Stainless Steel Structures

Date: 11/04/2018

Did you know Kaebel Leisure fabricates its own products using STAINLESS STEEL. This month we have four projects to complete including a cool caterpillar, a custom arch net and two Spaghetti Structures....busy.... busy.... busy

Cellula Components

Date: 09/04/2018

For those customers and interested parties that read website content from end to end you may have noticed that in our company introduction we mention that we have “pushed the boundaries of technical excellence and creativity to bring a range of equipment and ideas suitable for the most demanding customers on the planet... our kids!” Well, we are happy to announce that we have secured the services of a very special young man (and maybe his parents too :) to check out some of our claims and to comment on the good bits, and any bad bits that he finds whilst doing what kids do, playing and having fun. May we introduce – Jack and his doting mum, Shelley.

Memories are precious, time passes quickly.

Shelley is really the inspiration for this experience, she has her own blog that she regularly updates and uses to document the development of her son Jack showcasing their exploits and adventures.

Creative and diligent, the blog; is full of amazing photos showing all sorts of playgrounds primarily in and around Melbourne. Naturally our products don’t feature in all the images but it is well worth checking out to see how playground designs are developing as more and more clients push those boundaries.

We will bring you more photos of Jack in the coming months and years, hopefully we can get him up to the factory very soon for a VIP visit. In the meantime, enjoy the smiles.

Kids, they are why we do what we do.

Here are some photos, kindly supplied by Shelley from a recent visit to ‘The Address – PointCook’.

Ever wondered how to make a playground in a confined space?

Date: 14/11/2017

A recent job down at Melbourne Zoo proved to be quite a challenge for our designer Kyle, but nothing he couldn't handle.

Working alongside contractor Lloyd Group, the aim of the project was to create a unique playspace utilising a shipping container as the main structure. 

This is what we came up with! 

To view more photos from this job, visit our Facebook page

New Whiteman edge playground opened!!

Date: 19/09/2017

This project is one of our favourites :) We were contacted in September 2016 with an idea to create a 7m tower which would stand as the centre piece of a new Jungle Themed Playground in Western Australia in a Stockland development at Whiteman Edge, Brabham. The architects were open to ideas and suggestions as to how we could create the central tower which needed to prevent access on the outside of the net and also avoid falling down through the middle. A number of iterations were modelled and eventually a design was approved which used polished stainless-steel rings with integrated rubber landing platforms on three levels. Two access ports are included in the design to enable access from ground level and also from a mid-level. The net fabrication was intense, but our highly skilled team created the support rings, fabricated the nets and the fit was millimetre perfect.

Along with the central tower we also designed some bridging elements using our large diameter ‘Jungle Rope.’ The end caps on this were also polished stainless steel. Net elements from ground up to various decks were part of our scope and all the fittings were supplied for the local fabricator to include in their structural work. It all went together really well and as can be seen from the images; the final result is an absolute cracker.

Special thanks to Lorraine and Jenny from Buggy Buddys for taking such great photos and allowing us to use them. Check out more here.

Tarro Reserve Playground

Date: 24/08/2017

After an exciting and busy few months at Kaebel Leisure with a number of custom jobs and fabrication work happening it was nice to see some of our original designs pop up in one of our local playgrounds just down the road.

Click HERE to see the local news segment of this playground in action. 

Purple Connectors now available!

Date: 11/07/2017

A new addition to our colour range!

Be sure to include this purple connector in your next order.

Arrrgh…me…Hearties…Time for a Maritime Theme.

Date: 23/02/2017

A partially buried shipwreck, sea creature sculptures, a breaking wave and a myriad of smaller activities are credit to the cooperation between our design team and the inspiring imagination of our mate, Ric McConaghy.

A first for us on this project was the gradient blending of the powder coat finish on the wave climber structure. Fabricated entirely from stainless steel we tried to make the frames take on the hue of the crashing wave as it breaks changing from turquoise blue to foaming white.

The net for the shipwreck utilizes our Arbor Ankor fitting which is becoming increasingly popular for timber-based equipment. A hammock and large diameter jungle rope are also part of our remit for this project.

If you are in the Shell Harbour area, check out the Stocklands shopping precinct and watch out for the pirates …. AAARGH

Fairfield Park – Opening soon!

Date: 07/11/2016

Check out this job that we have been working on for the past few months at Fairfield Park. Making good use of our 'Jungle Rope', these are the longest bridges we have made to date. The park is designed as an obstacle course primarily aimed at older children and adults. As well as bridges we have various net challenges, a 80mm 'tug-o-war', numerous climbing ropes and some access nets to the tower structures.

To view more photos from this job visit our Facebook page 

Installing on a Mound

Date: 29/07/2016

Mounds are popular inclusions in modern playground design. We have many ways to utilize existing or man-made mounds including bridges, nets and rope climbs.

Take a look at some more ideas on our Facebook page, we can customize to almost any situation.

View more! 

Introducing the Arbor Ankor

Date: 05/07/2016

Those of you who keep a close eye on our website will have noticed a new page has popped up recently, our ‘Natural’ page.

This new range uses much of the proven benefits of our ‘Cellula’ products but is specifically developed to work with timber and is extremely innovative thanks to a new connection detail we have just launched called the Arbor Ankor.

The Arbor Ankor is manufactured from stainless steel and allows adjustment of rope tension between fixing points which are sometimes not exactly where they should be. Working with natural timber has its challenges, not least the fact that poles are never truly vertical, always varying in size and with irregularities that create uneven surfaces. The Arbor Ankor allows for these discrepancies and can also be powder coated to give just a little bit of ‘pop’ to the playground.

This attachment is extremely durable and strong, easily exceeding the requirements of most applications, once the Arbor Ankor is installed, it is virtually impossible for it to unintentionally release the tension off the rope or have the rope come out of the fixture.

Here at Kaebel Leisure we are very proud of our ability to create solutions which enable rope to be used in more creative ways and the Arbor Ankor is no exception.

For more information, please contact us and learn a little more about Natural Play and our revolutionary …. Arbor Ankor

Violet, Acid Green and Natural Beige now in 18mm!

Date: 14/01/2016

Yay! Look what arrived at the factory early this week. We now have 18mm rope in our new colours: Violet, Acid Green and Natural Beige.

Make sure you get your Cellula and Activity Net orders in fast as these fun, vibrant colours will be very popular :)

Whiteman Edge Playground

Date: 19/11/2015

A recent project at Whiteman Edge Playground in Brabham, Perth featuring some of our custom-made tunnels, bridges, and nets. 

A special mention to Caprice Burrows who has provided us with some great photos for our website and Facebook page! For more images see our Custom-Made Nets Page!

To see what else we have been up to, head to our Facebook page!  

Our Rope colours are expanding!

Date: 14/10/2015

We have just received a shipment with five new colour options being added to the mix! In addition to our existing colour range is Burnt Orange, Royal Blue, Violet, Acid Green and Natural Beige.

These colours are now in stock and ready for upcoming orders! 

Head to our Facebook page to find out what else is happening

The wait is Finally Over!

Date: 10/09/2015

The shipment has finally arrived! Check out the first nets to be made using our awesome new ‘burnt orange' and 'violet' rope! Go to our Facebook page to check out more!

Check our Facebook.

Megatoy Playground Replacements

Date: 30/04/2015

Here at Kaebel Leisure HQ we have recently had lots of enquiries about replacement nets for Megatoy playgrounds. The Megatoy range had a lot of ‘net type’ play elements only with the use of chain instead of nylon rope. They are, however, now out of business and with lots of Megatoy playgrounds out there wearing out (due to the chain construction) and with no options of replacement with OEM gear we came up with a method to replace their ‘nets’ with Kaebel Leisure’s steel reinforced nylon rope. It’s a simple unbolting of the old worn out Megatoy gear and bolting in the new Kaebel Leisure gear. This will bring an old tired playground back to life and looking better than new. Our steel reinforced rope will have a much better appearance with tight ropes & bright colours, softer feel on the kid’s hands and much longer lasting than the originals. The key to this is a special machined alloy adaptor that fits straight into the existing Megatoy clamps and onto the end of our rope.

 We do plenty of replacement nets for all manufactures that are either no longer in business, take too long to ship or are too expensive so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any net replaced, even if it wasn’t originally ours.

To view more images head to ourFacebook page

And he is off again!

Date: 09/04/2015

Our resident CAD designer flew to Perth bright and early this morning to compete in the 2015 Australian X Trial Championships. Come tomorrow, hopefully his flu symptoms that he's been spreading throughout our office have ceased and he is able to put all his  training and hard work into practice against Australia's top trials riders. Goodluck Kyle and see you back at work on Monday! To find out more about Kyle and the event,  go to the X Trials website: 

International Partners Wanted

Date: 19/03/2015

Kaebel Leisure are currently seeking to expand into new international markets and would like to hear from companies wishing to distribute products in the following regions:

Malaysia, China, Indonesia, India.

South America, North America, and the Middle East.

If you are interested and looking for more information, please contact us via telephone (+61 2 49644420) or email ( We look forward to hearing from you!

Innovative World First!

Date: 12/03/2015

Here at Kaebel Leisure one of our favourite products is our Jungle Rope, a 120mm square braided monster. It has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years and we have been extending the range of our products it features in. This rope is comprised of twelve strands, magically braided together to create a strong and compact formation. As innovation is at the core of Kaebel Leisure we are proud to introduce a second colour to the range. Until now, the 120mm Jungle Rope has only been available in a natural colour but in a world first we have created a second option, a grey colour which we hope will fit in well with the more modern style equipment.

Parramatta Park Refurbishment

Date: 22/01/2015

The start of the year here at Kaebel Leisure has been very busy with a lot of flow over work from last year but to break it up a little we were able to have some fun with this custom made net for Parramatta Park! This net will be a part of the $35.4 million that is to be spent on the park within the next 4 years. Well done and great effort by all involved....... But it has not finished yet as we are still to install!!! 

Head to our Facebook page to find more

Kaebel Leisure support Dunlop Development Series at Homebush!

Date: 09/12/2014

What an awesome weekend for the Kaebel Leisure crew as we were treated to three days of racing down at Homebush. The Kaebel Leisure team went to support Forpark Australia/Australian Moulders Holden Commodore Driver Matt Hansen (Forpark Car 50) and the GMJ Motorsport team. Thanks to the team our staff were able to enjoy a 3 day general admission and paddock access pass for the V8 supercar weekend, grid walk prior to the race, a meet and greet with the GMJ Motorsports team. As well as a guided garage tour which got us up close to the GMJ V8 Supercars. Congratulations goes to Matt for finishing 13th in the Sydney NRMA 500 Dunlop Development Series Race. A big thankyou to the team for allowing us to participate in such a memorable event. A great weekend had by all! Hopefully we can do the same next year!

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Introducing the New Cellula2 Range!

Date: 13/11/2014

Adding yet again to the limitless variety of designs, Kaebel Leisure is pleased to introduce Cellula². Our new range is much like its older brother ‘Cellula’ only smaller, Cellula² utilizes a 2-meter grid instead of Cellula’s 3-meter grid creating even more flexibility to our most customizable range. Along with a reduced grid size we have also minimized the height of the poles to 1.9 meters above ground which brings the play heights down to suit the younger crowd who might find the Cellula equipment a little daunting.

The Cellula² range, with its 2-meter grid, will allow you to fit more play elements into the space allowed. It can be combined with our tried and tested Cellula range to allow for a range of ages. Another advantage of our new Cellula² range is that it comes at a lower cost for the equipment and will reduce your soft fall requirements reducing costs even more for those who want some serious value. All our two pole nets in the Cellula² range can be set on the 2-meter grid or on the diagonal distance of 2.8 meters between other products.

Our website will be updated as we go when new designs are completed so please continue from time to time to see our latest creations in the Cellula² range.

Giant Lizard at Muswellbrook Finally Grows Legs!!

Date: 11/02/2014

The giant 69m long lizard (Larry the Lizard) commissioned by the community of Muswellbrook in the Upper Hunter of New South Wales had the final missing link added to his body last week to make the play structure come to life and look every bit the giant reptile that was promised.

The rear legs are physically joined to the body by two custom made nets whereas the front legs are standalone items which provide a miniature climbing arch suitable for very young children.

Kyle and Andy went up to install the legs in blisteringly hot temperatures with the sand reflecting the heat. Check out our Facebook page to see Kyle letting off steam after a hard day’s work.

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