ABC 1233 is the local radio station for Newcastle and the Hunter region of New South Wales. The morning team decided to run a section called 'Live from your place' and put the feelers out in early 2013 for ideas. We have a very specialised and unusual business and we thought we could help create an interesting show. ABC agreed and on 27th March 2013 the crew descended on our office and factory.... it was great fun, interesting to learn how a radio show is produced and the presenters and our staff and guests had a really good time. you can listen to the show here


A chance discussion on ABC Radio whilst driving to work was all it took to make the decision to provide support to the Singleton community following the tragic death of a young student on his way to school. The parents of 'Harry' were discussing the possibility of building a playground for the school. "Harry loved to climb and we would like to build a high structure, something the rest of the school can climb, have fun and remember him by". We made a few phone calls, started some dialogue with the staff and parents, enlisted the help of a landscape architect and six months later, there was a brand new play space. A fabulous area for children to play and burn off some energy and a lasting memorial to 'Harry'


Sport and recreation is an important aspect of modern life. The staff at Kaebel Leisure participate in a wide variety of sports in their own time and contribute to local organisations providing voluntary roles such as coaching soccer, swim club administration, baseball management and motorcycle trials training. One of the local clubs to benefit is the mighty Maitland Junior Rugby Union Club, the second oldest club in Australia and known as 'The Blacks'.


SCHOOL FOR LIFE FOUNDATION is a not for profit organization working in rural Uganda. They empower communities to help themselves and create their own opportunities. To do that, they build schools to provide communities with a quality education, including primary and secondary schooling, vocational training and other services – such as employment and healthcare solutions. With help from the wider population, they can transform developing communities in emerging countries to become educated, productive, sustainable and profitable places – where people can enjoy a healthy, happy and more prosperous future. Kaebel Leisure heard about the foundation ‘by accident’ after listening to an interview with co founder Annabelle Chauncy on the radio. We decided that our skills and products would have great benefit for the children in the Ugandan community and contacted Annabelle to ask if they would like us to manufacture a special net for their next school. Her response was genuine and very touching, we agreed to have a net made and sent to Sydney to combine with a container of equipment heading to Africa. A few months later, the net was installed. The smiles and joy on the faces of the children is fabulous to see. They didn’t even wait for the foundation holes to be filled in before clambering and climbing all over the net. SCHOOL FOR LIFE FOUNDATION need continued help and support, they can be contacted at:


In late 2013 Newcastle hosted the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games. 'Special Olympics' provides an opportunity for children and young adults with an intellectual disability to participate in a range of sporting events such as swimming, soccer and athletics. The event ran for one week and relied upon hundreds of volunteers to provide all manner of support for the athletes and carers. People with an intellectual disability are often ridiculed, misunderstood, isolated or simply ignored. Yet, with the understanding and support of Special Olympics they discover the skills that allow them to improve their health, develop self-confidence and bring joy to themselves, their families and their community. Kaebel Leisure organised for each staff member to assist at the event for two days. This was appreciated by the athletes and organisers but also allowed our staff to get involved with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It was a very humbling experience for all involved.