For those customers and interested parties that read website content from end to end you may have noticed that in our company introduction we mention that we have “pushed the boundaries of technical excellence and creativity to bring a range of equipment and ideas suitable for the most demanding customers on the planet… our kids!” Well, we are happy to announce that we have secured the services of a very special young man (and maybe his parents too 🙂 to check out some of our claims and to comment on the good bits, and any bad bits that he finds whilst doing what kids do, playing and having fun. May we introduce – Jack and his doting mum, Shelley.

Memories are precious, time passes quickly.

Shelley is really the inspiration for this experience, she has her own blog that she regularly updates and uses to document the development of her son Jack showcasing their exploits and adventures.

Creative and diligent, the blog; is full of amazing photos showing all sorts of playgrounds primarily in and around Melbourne. Naturally our products don’t feature in all the images but it is well worth checking out to see how playground designs are developing as more and more clients push those boundaries.

We will bring you more photos of Jack in the coming months and years, hopefully we can get him up to the factory very soon for a VIP visit. In the meantime, enjoy the smiles.

Kids, they are why we do what we do.